Managing Your Music with myRightsView

What you can do on myRightsView

  1. Discover

  2. Find out if any record labels have already registered your music.
  3. Claim (coming soon)

  4. Issue a counter claim notice if you believe your music has been improperly registered.
  5. Register

  6. Register your tracks if they have not been previously registered.

How myRightsView works

  • Sign up for a free account. We give you 5 free Tokens.
  • Upload your music files. Each upload uses one token.
  • A fingerprint is made based on the acoustical profile of your music. We then look for a match in the Audible Magic Global Rights Registry that contains fingerprints of 7 million tracks registered by major and independent record labels.
  • If a match is found, we provide you all the relevant meta data such as song title, artist and who registered the content.
  • If you believe your content is improperly registered, you can issue a counter claim. This counter claim is then sent to the original registrant to assess the claim.
  • If no match was found in our Global Rights Registry, then you will have the option to register your content.

How Content Identification Works

Over 150 music and video websites, ISPs, colleges & universities, CD & DVD replicators and other service providers use Audible Magic services to identify, protect, track and monetize music and video content. Using our patented fingerprint technology, content is identified as it is uploaded on websites, while it is being transmitted over peer-to-peer networks, and before replicators master new CDs or DVDs.

Audible Magic is the leading provider of fingerprint-based identification services. Our patented technology fingerprints the audio track using an acoustical profile of the musical work. This fingerprint is then matched to our master registry database of more than 7 million copyrighted works. Matching works even with different compression techniques, audio formats and codecs.

Using tools Audible Magic provides, customers take a fingerprint of an unknown piece of content. That fingerprint is then compared against Audible Magic’s Global Rights Registry for a match. When a match is made, meta data related to the content and a business rule for use of the content is returned in the response.